Mr. Reis Çelik was one of the directors hosted as part of the Directors Meetings segments for the Turkish Cinema Summer School programme.

Mr. Çelik, the Chairman of the Filmmakers Association and the director of award-winning films such as Night of Silence (Lal Gece) and Refugee (Mülteci), came together with the young filmmakers from abroad as part of the Turkish Cinema Summer School’s programme. Çelik covered many subjects related to the film industry in his talk, from the journey of cinema, to stories of shooting his movies and the current state of the industry. He stated that filmmakers should be in dialogue with each other and that the human richness can increase productivity in cinema.
Talking about his journey in film production, Mr. Çelik shared his experience with young filmmakers, stating: “Firstly, you should believe in the work you do. If you believe in the work you do, then you can also get your team and your actors to believe in it too. You should show that you are good at what you do at every stage; and make people feel that you have control over your work”.