Suat Köçer, director of Malatya International Film Festival and cinema critic, shared his view of Turkish cinema with young film makers.

- The directors are responsible for their own movies and accountable to the audience. The producers, on the other hand, have to finance the film, even borrow money if necessary, but they are worried that they will not get their money’s worth. However, film critics have conscientious responsibilities. They can cruelly criticize, but they should do it within the limits of conscience and ethics.

- What will save our cinema is to screen the truest and the most realistic story.
Malatya International Film Festival
The 8th Malatya International Film Festival, which will be held by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality from November 9 to 15, will commemorate the world-famous Kyrgyz writer Cengiz Aytmatov in his 90th birthday and the 10th anniversary of his death with a special program in which the films adapted from his works will be screened.   
The works of Kyrgyz writer, translator, journalist and statesman Chinghiz Aitmatov, who started with his writing career in 1952 and achieved great reputation with his storybook titled “Tales of the Mountains and Steppes” and won the “Lenin Award” in 1963, which were adapted to cinema will be screened in the special program “Aitmatov is 90 years old” to be organized within the scope of the 8th Malatya International Film Festival.

Aytmatov’s “The Red Scarf” was scripted by Ali Özgentürk and adapted to the screen with the name of “Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım (The Girl with the Red Scarf)” in 1977. The movie starring Türkan Şoray, Kadir İnanır and Ahmet Mekin drew great interest from the audience and has been among the unforgettable classics of Turkish Cinema.