Another topic handled by the Turkish Cinema Summer School was the Turkish television series; the shining pearls in Turkey’s exports market.

Different aspects of Turkish cinema continued to be addressed within the scope of the Turkish Cinema Summer School, with the participation of 23 young filmmakers from 20 different countries. As the scope of the summer school continued to expand and touch upon many subjects, from the history of Turkish cinema to Yeşilçam, or from the film industry to director-meetings, this time, the programme addressed the Turkish television series sector.

Summarizing the position of the sector, which has become an important component in the soft power of our country in recent years, Assoc. Prof. Ebru Kayaalp, instructor of the Department of Cinema and Television at İstanbul Şehir University stated: “While our first TV-series was sold abroad for 30 dollars in 1996, this revenue had reached 300 million dollars in 2017”.

The Turkish television series, that are broadcasted in many different countries around the world, from Mexico to Japan and from Brazil to Poland, make a remarkable contribution to Turkey’s external image. Through these series, Turkish culture is able to introduce itself and gain the ability to reach homes in many different regions of the world.