The group of young filmmakers who were in Istanbul for the Turkish Cinema Summer School took a visit to the Center of Turkish Cinema Studies, which houses comprehensive archives and research compilations on Turkish cinema.

The Centre’s internet platform was introduced to the participants during the visit to the library and the archives of Turkish cinema. -, published by the Center for Turkish Cinema Studies (TSA), is an online platform that provides users with an established body of knowledge on Turkish cinema. The platform follows the current trends, represents cinema using detailed criteria, while also incorporating systematic records of films, individuals, books, magazines, interviews, and theses related to cinema. Its background records are relevant to conducting archive database studies pertaining to written, visual, and audio documents.  

This vast platform holds over 8110 films, 50222 people, 1105 books, 258 journals, 7562 articles, 1659 interviews, 637 theses and 41745 visuals. The platform provides invaluable opportunities for those who want to conduct research on Turkish cinema, as all documents are presented in both Turkish and English.