The “Turkish Summer School” program which has been organized for the ninth time this year and the “Turkish Cinema Summer School” which has been organized for the first time this year came to an end with a farewell dinner held in Pullman Hotel.

The participants attended the farewell dinner hosted by Prof. Dr. Şeref Ateş, President of the Institute, with the traditional outfits of their countries, which spiced up the night. They expressed their feelings with Turkish songs and had an unforgettable night with their performances.

Having the opportunity to examine the Turkish cinema in-depth for two weeks, the young filmmakers came together with students receiving Turkish courses in different cities of Turkey for one month within the scope of the farewell program. Following the various cultural programs, the program came to an end with the award ceremony of the competitions held during Summer Schools.

Volunteer ambassadors returning to their home countries

The summer school, which started on July 16, 2018 with the participation of 1000 students from 118 countries of the world who set their heart on Turkish, was held with the cooperation of 32 universities in 29 different cities. Within the scope of the program where the students had the opportunity to get to know Turkey and the Turkish language by experiencing them, the students had the chance to become familiar with the historical, geographical and cultural accumulation of the region of different cities of Turkey where they stayed and they improved their Turkish in the leading universities of those cities.

Moreover, within the scope of the “Turkish Cinema Summer School” program, which has been organized by the Institute with the cooperation of İstanbul Şehir University for the first time this year, people from cinema sector as well as undergraduate and graduate students were hosted. The participants, having the opportunity to receive education from significant names of the cinema history and academicians, got to know Turkey and the Turkish cinema in person thanks to the activities, such as field visits, director meetings and city tours.

After the program which also allows different societies around the world get to know each other, the participants returned to their home countries with unique memories of Turkish culture as volunteer ambassadors of Turkey.