Türkan Şoray and Ediz Hun, being among the doyens/doyennes of Turkish cinema’s history, came together with 23 young filmmakers from 20 different countries, under  the scope of Turkish Cinema Summer School’s programme.

Yeşilçam’s famous actors Türkan Şoray and Ediz Hun met with the foreign guests and a large audience within the scope of the Turkish Cinema Summer School programme.

The opening speech of the programme which took place at the Dragos Campus of Istanbul Şehir University was given by Prof. Şeref Ateş, the President of Yunus Emre Institute. He stated that The Institute had designed Turkish Cinema Summer School by developing a new project within the scope of the Turkish Summer School’s  programmes which have been running for the past 9 years, and that the first organization of this programme was realized with the participation of 23 young filmmakers from 20 countries.

In an interview session moderated by Prof. Peyami Çelikcan, the Vice Chancellor of İstanbul Şehir University, Yeşilçam’s famous names shared their experiences and memories of Turkish cinema and cinematic adventures with the young filmmakers.

The famous actress Türkan Şoray stated that the foreign participants had chosen one of the most special professions in the world and that this choice would bring them much happiness in the future. Recounting her career in film, Şoray explained that she had acted in a leading role in more than 230 films including some of the most important films of Turkish cinema, and that so far she herself had directed five films. She stated that being an actress was a way of life for her, but the experience of directing a movie had added a different dimension to her feelings.

Ediz Hun who also took stage, expressed his appreciation for the keen reception. Hun emphasized the fact that the future and progress of cinema belongs to young people and they will be the ones to move it forward. He also underlined the notion that this art form should not be considered solely as a cinema screen, but it also covered a wider domain such as new kinds of video, documentary and animation.

They will be successful if they work hard

Yeşilçam’s famous actress Türkan Şoray and actor Ediz Hun met the young filmmakers in an interview program held within the scope of the Turkish Cinema Summer School. During the interview program, Yeşilçam’s famous names Türkan Şoray and Ediz Hun addressed and advised the young filmmakers.

Nicknamed the ‘Sultan’ in Turkish cinema, Yeşilçam’s star, Türkan Şoray  expressed her happiness at being invited to such an event, stating: “I am very happy to be at such a conversation and in such an atmosphere, organized by the Yunus Emre Intitute, with you students and this university’s cinema department; I am clearly among those who have a high appreciation and regard for the art form. Cinema is the most beautiful phenomenon in the world. I congratulate these young people for choosing the cinema sector. If they love their work and work hard, they will be successful. They can be world-famous filmmakers.”

After the interview, Türkan Şoray gifted her book, My Cinema and Me, to the 23 foreign students, in which she had penned her story and memories.

The program ended with an open-air screening of the film Güllü, in which both famous names shared the leading roles.