The young filmmakers visited the Cinema Museum in İstanbul established by Türker İnanoğlu, one of the most important filmmakers of Turkey.

The young filmmakers who visited the Cinema-Theater Museum, where very significant works and books on Turkish cinema and theater have been preserved, got a chance to closely examine important figures and works related to different aspects of Turkish cinema.

TÜRVAK Cinema Museum, was founded within the body of the TÜRVAK Foundation (established by Türker İnanoğlu in 1997), opening its doors as the first and only cinema museum of Turkey in Kavacık, Istanbul in 2001. When the Museum of Cinema was first founded, it drew a lot of attention and support from artists with a background in theater. It was for this reason that the Theater Museum was also opened, in order to pay a duty of loyalty to the golden hearted doyen(nes) of Turkish Theatre. The TÜRVAK Cinema-Theater Museum moved to Beyoğlu in 2010 and opened the doors of its new building to visitors in January 2011.

The aim of such an establishment was to collect any documents, photographs, posters, devices and accessories related to the history of Turkish Cinema and Theater under the roof of a museum, and to hand down this tremendous archive to upcoming generations. Today, the TÜRVAK Cinema-Theater Museum has more than 1000 devices, over 6000 local movie posters, and more than 10 000 cinema-theater photos in its collections.