After two weeks of intensive programs, the Turkish Cinema Summer School was completed with a visit to the film set.

Being the largest film set in Turkey and Europe and the second largest film set in the world after Hollywood, historical films and television series, İzmit Seka Film Set, where historical movies and TV series are shot, hosted young filmmakers in Turkey within the scope of the Turkish Cinema Summer School.

In the film set, which have a range of settings to shoot various series, movies and documentaries from the 16th century to the 20th century, İstiklal Street, Ottoman streets of 1700s and 1850s, Galata Tower and alleys, lifelike structures, such as wooden houses and buildings, attracted the great interest of young filmmakers.

During the site visit, young filmmakers, visiting the film set, received detailed information about the films, series and documentaries shot here. Participants who had the opportunity to see the set in place, having an important place in Turkish cinema, started to return to their countries after the end of the program.