Within the scope of the “Turkish Cinema Summer School” programs organized in İstanbul between the dates of July 30 - August 12, 2018, the participants, hosted by the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep, visited Gaziantep, the sixth biggest city of Turkey and the biggest city of Southeastern Anatolia Region, with its population, economic potential, cultural richness and historic fabric.

Young filmmakers were almost fascinated by Gaziantep, one of the first settlement centers of Anatolia, located at the intersection point of Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean Region which has hosted many civilizations and preserved its importance in every period of history and have a mysterious history coming into existence as a synthesis of various civilizations, cultures and religions in the region.

In Gaziantep, which is a member of UNESCO “Creative Cities Network” as a gastronomic city, participants had the chance to cook and taste local delicacies of Gaziantep at the Culinary Arts Training Center of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. The young filmmakers cooking and tasting local delicacies such as “puff pastry” and “cheese halva” were informed about the world-famous cuisine of Gaziantep.

Within the scope of the program, the participants, visiting Gaziantep Castle, baths and historical bazaars, also visited the Zeugma Mosaic Museum, where the most important mosaic treasure of the world is preserved.

The young filmmakers who were fascinated by Gaziantep, the city of peace, which has hosted ancient civilizations of Anatolia and received more than 500 thousand Syrian guests with open arms today, returned to İstanbul after the program.